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The Charleston Pour House, 1977 Maybank Hwy., Charleston, SC
Friday, December 27, 2019, 5 – 6pm

With A Little Help from My Friends
A Benefit for Matt Volkman

Cover: $5 min suggested donation at the door
Doors: 8:00pm
Show: 9:00pm

“My name is Matthew Alexander Volkman, I’m 28 years old, and my reason for creating this campaign is that on June 14, of 2018 I was assaulted on Folly Beach, in South Carolina. The results: a concussion, a nasal contusion, 2 breaks in my nasal bone, a deviated septum, a collapsed inner-nasal tube that has severely hindered my ability to breathe/smell/sleep, 3 broken teeth; one of which had to be extracted because of a vertical fracture that went all the way up to expose the nerve, clinical PTSD that I am currently meeting with a therapist on a weekly basis to overcome, $11K for my night in the ER and Neurological wing at MUSC, various other medical expenses for dental procedures/CT scans/visits with a reconstructive surgeon/ etc., and finally an impending rhinoplasty/septiplasty/rib graft procedure that’s been quoted at just below $45,000 (which requires a $22,000 deposit before January 2nd, 2019) for me to be able to breathe out of my nose properly again. I am asking for your assistance to help me raise funds for the deposit on my surgery, 22k being my goal.

It was a Thursday night like any other, after work I went to see whichever band was playing at Surf Bar and meet some friends. Around 10 pm I went to go for a quick night swim in the ocean before going home for the night; about 10 minutes after leaving the beach I realized I didn’t have my fanny pack, so I went back to the beach. While looking for my dark brown leather bag in the moonlight, I was pushed by someone outside of my peripheral who told me “You have no business being here, you need to leave now.” It is a public beach, in an area next to the pier, by no means a private or secluded area. Before I could respond to this man, another one on my left side punched me in the nose; that’s when I realized there were 3 people around me. This is mostly all that I remember.

I figure that I tried to run away, tripped in the sand, and then one of them stomped on my face. A heel to the mouth explains my broken teeth, as well as the deviation in my septum. This blow to the head left me unconscious on the beach until around 3am, when I finally woke up, dazed; bleeding. I stumbled down Center street to a local deli where a couple employees I knew were closing down, and I knew I would be safe. It was from there that 911 was called for an ambulance, and the local police arrived to start cleaning me up and taking my statement. The rest of my night was a series of head scans, stitches, IV’s, and various specialists assessing my condition.

At this point, I feel deeply obligated to let everyone reading this understand that I don’t want the scene itself to reflect your opinions of Folly Beach. It’s a welcoming local community of friends and families that are always willing to lend a hand to those in need, just as the ocean itself is so divinely powerful and healing. The next few months hold, abashedly, a plethora of both physical and mental obstacles that I will be to graciously asking for help maintaining in a healthy, and productive, manner.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and please look through the update section for further information.”

Event Type: Concert