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Charleston Woodlands, 4279 Ashley River Rd., Charleston, SC
Saturday, September 28, 2019, 9:30am – 12pm

“Teal Diva is hosting it’s 3rd Annual Lowcountry 5k run/walk event on Saturday, September 28th at the Charleston Woodlands in Charleston, SC. The event is presented by 1st Choice Glass. September is the month dedicated to ovarian cancer awareness and the color designated to the cause is teal. This year Teal Diva is expecting over 800 participants which is double the number of participants from their first race.  Attendees can expect to see a lot of teal and teams/ individuals celebrating the life they have worked so hard for as well as family and friends honoring loved ones currently in the fight or who have passed on. The run/walk takes place around 3 scenic lakes at Charleston Woodlands and attendees also have the option to camp over the weekend!

Symptoms of ovarian cancer often mimic what women face on a monthly basis (bloating, trouble with your bladder, abdominal pain, eating less and feeling full) making it hard to detect and has given it the nickname, Silent Killer.  The most unbelievable and upsetting thing about ovarian cancer is that there is not a screening test — That means the PapSmear tests for Cervical Cancer, much like the Mammogram tests for Breast Cancer, but there is absolutely NO test currently that pre-screens for ovarian cancer. Until a screening test is in place for ovarian cancer, it is up to all of us to know the symptoms and ask questions. If caught in early stages, ovarian cancer is 90% more treatable in most cases.

Proceeds from the 5k will allow Teal Diva to continue our mission:  offering survivors hope and an opportunity to connect with other gynecologic cancer survivors, resources allowing us to continue advocating in our communities, and the ability to fund more research initiatives dedicated to ovarian and other gynecologic cancers.”

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