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Tin Roof, 1117 Magnolia Rd, Charleston, South Carolina
Friday, June 21, 2019, 8pm – 12am

“Stray Fossa = “a warm cocoon of lo-fi chill-wave nostalgia”
– The Wild Honey Pie

Nick and Will Evans, alongside Zach Blount comprise Charlottesville-based indie dream pop band, Stray Fossa. Drawing on mixed musical inspiration absorbed from parents’ record collections, the trio got their start organizing regular free concerts in their hometown of Sewanee, Tennessee. Today, after a lengthy hiatus, their creative process has reemerged in the face of opposing artistic tastes, yet shared obsession to make more sound than one would expect from a three-piece.

The band’s first set of releases (into the digital world of online music streaming) garnered praise from notable blogs and magazines, such as The Wild Honey Pie, Obscure Sound, Whurk Magazine. Compared to the likes of Beach Fossils, Real Estate, and Hoops among others, the band yields a “heart-rending blend of garage rock and dream pop.” Outlets were quick to applaud the songwriting home recording and self-sufficiency in music production.

Late Night TV is a Charleston Indie rock band. Mostly known for their endless string of Embassy shows. They’ve now been forced to haunt other venues. Their first EP is due in April of 2019. It is called “Good Mourning.”

Joseph Dubay Music is an indie musician from Charleston, SC. Traveling between genres, Joseph’s goal is to always reflect the raw moments of life we all face.”

Event Type: Concert, Food and Drinks