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Tin Roof, 1117 Magnolia Rd, Charleston, South Carolina
Saturday, January 4, 2020, 9 – 10pm

“Shake it like a caveman is no stranger to the highway. He’s a one man band dance party, thrusting somewhere between poolside film scores and early American work songs. Sonic and Visual dynamite that makes you move that thang.

Shake it like a caveman is a one man band. Formed in Tennessee in 2005. Shake it like a caveman simultaneously plays slide guitar, harmonica, kick drum, kick snare, hi hat, and vocals. This is dance party music with heavy influence drawn from Memphis, TN and the Mississippi hill country sound. The artist has released multiple independent recordings in the USA and has released 2 recordings in Europe on the French Rock n’ Roll Label-Beast Records. Shake it like a caveman currently performs worldwide at festivals, club dates, radio and TV.

“Rock Et Sauvage” Elle Magazine Paris, France

“A Sexy Trance Inducing Experience” The North Coast Journal Humbolt County, California

“Electric neo-blues & amped-up disco porn grooves” The Philadelphia Examiner

“Shake it like a Caveman makes music that rocks like only a 10-piece outfit can. The thing is, Shake It Like A Caveman is a one-man-band”. KUT- Radio Austin, Texas

“Exuberant and gritty garage-stomp. Instantly, this music spoke to me”…. Nashville Scene

“Shake it like a caveman’s electric convulsive twist provide a hearty tonic for lingering spiritual deficits.” Indy Week, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“Authentic broken down no messing proper sounding old school blues that is good for your soul.” Organ- London, England

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