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Tin Roof, 1117 Magnolia Rd, Charleston, South Carolina
Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 8 – 11pm

Jeremy McLellan, Hunter Gardner Reboot “The Puppy Dog Show”

“The two Charleston-grown comics bring their stand up show back to Tin Roof for one night only.

In 2014, Jeremy McLellan wasn’t an internationally touring viral sensation, but he was an emerging comedian in the Charleston scene. He and his fellow-comedian roommate, Hunter Gardner, were living in an apartment across from Tin Roof when they decided to start The Puppy Dog Show.

“I think Jeremy and I would both agree that was a very special time,” said Gardner, who is now based in Brooklyn. “We were realizing that comedy was not a hobby for us, but something that we wanted to do seriously and forever. There were a lot of nerdy, opinionated, and energizing talks on the rickety fold-out chairs outside our apartment.”

One idea from those late-night talks was to create a monthly show that gave Charleston comedians longer sets on a small-bill show that also prioritized diversity on the lineups.

“A lot of shows at the time would have 8 or 9 comics, so no one was getting to see what 8 minutes felt like, or 12, or 20. We wanted to give people that opportunity, while also increasing diversity—both in the sense that we wanted to see more women and people of color, but also different kinds of comedic styles.”

And so The Puppy Dog Show was born, running once a month for nearly a year at Tin Roof. The one-night reboot of the show still holds onto those original fundamentals.

“I got in touch with Vince Fabra because I wanted to be sure we could book some newer faces,” said Gardner. “He recommended Amanda Beth as an opener, someone he said deserved more stage time than just an open mic, and Dan Sweeney who Vince described as a little dark, a little silly. Great, that sounds nothing like what Jeremy or I do! He’s in. That’s what this show was
always about.”

The Puppy Dog Show returns for one night only to The Tin Roof in West Ashley on Wednesday, August 26. Vince Fabra will host, with comics Amanda Beth, Dan Sweeney, Jon Antoine, and Hunter Gardner. Jeremy McLellan will headline.

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