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Lake City, SC
Friday, November 8, 2019, 6 – 8pm

“When: Friday, Nov 8th, 6-8 pm

Where: Lake City’s Jones-Carter Gallery, TRAX Visual Art Center, Crossroads Gallery

What: Opening of the Nature Nurture Exhibition & Exclusive Preview for Crossroads Gallery. Transportation will be available between galleries and refreshments will be provided. 

About Nature Nurture:

Nature / Nurture highlights the work of seven artists, focusing on pieces that explore – through form, material, subject, and concept – our complicated, interdependent relationship with the natural world. Whether through still-life painting or landscape photography, a focus on natural materials, or use of animals and plant life as subject matter, these artists utilize nature as a relatable vehicle for communicating ideas and emotions and building forms which can connect with the viewer on a universal and, at times, primal level. The work in the exhibition grapples with the unique connection we each have with the natural world and reveals discoveries embedded in that bond. Over 60 works in a large variety of mediums will be displayed. More info about the exhibition and each artist can be found here.

“We hope that visitors leave with a sense of appreciation for talent and creativity of our showcased artists. These artists utilize nature as a relatable vehicle for communicating ideas and emotions, and we hope conversations can be started about our relationship with the natural world. Further, we hope visitors will interact with art made from unexpected materials and gain a new appreciation for the beauty found in everyday life.” – Roberta Burns, ArtFields Marketing Director

About Crossroads Gallery:

Crossroads is the newest permanent gallery in Lake City, South Carolina. Housing the artwork of previous ArtFields winners, the gallery will rotate artists on an annual basis following each year’s festival. Signifying the ArtFields competition as the crossroads in the winning artist’s careers, as well as the creation of ArtFields coming at a crossroads moment for the town of Lake City itself, the gallery will be used as a destination point where the makers and admirers of Southern art can convene year-round. Following the grand opening on December 7, the gallery will be open to the public and free to attend Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm.”

Event Type: Arts and Culture, Other