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The game last night didn’t quite go as planned for a lot of South Carolina football fans. In a heated match, the Tigers lost to the Tigers, and Clemson broke its 29-game winning streak to take a disappointing “L”. 

If you orange and purple-donned kitty cat lovers are still upset about the outcome, you can use this tragedy to your advantage. Here’s how. Charleston’s rage room, The Break Room, is offering 20 percent off discounts through Saturday if you mention the National Championship in your comments while booking online. 

Charleston's new 'Break Room' lets you smash things to feel better

The rage room is perhaps the perfect place for you to take out your feelings on Clemson’s loss, a space where you pay to smash inanimate objects with baseball bats and crowbars. 

Bust up some old TVs, take out your anger on some antique vases and get it all out by breaking a bucket of bottles.

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