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I’ve lived in Brooklyn my whole life: Park Slope growing up, Williamsburg with my wife for the past 9 years. We’ve been talking about moving and Charleston has come up, mainly because some family might be moving there soon and we like what we’ve seen so far. Now for the details.

  • Finishing my Masters in Childhood Education, Grades 1-6 in the fall and have a full year’s worth of teaching under my belt, so finding work in a good school district will be key for our own well being as well as our future children.
  • Looking to buy a house in the $400k range with flexibility in both directions. Willing to live outside the city limits if the place is right. We’re dog lovers, so having a green backyard/surrounding area would be great, but it doesn’t need to be extensive.
  • Liberally leaning, like to go out to eat a variety of foods and catch a nice show every so often always a plus. We love having access to the arts and culture and want to have as much access to diverse thinking as possible.
  • We’d appreciate a neighborhood where walking for basic necessities is an option. My wife has a licence but doesn’t drive often, and I have some learner’s permit experience but would need time to feel comfortable driving independently. We’re happy to buy a car and get more experience outside of Brooklyn, but we would enjoy the option of not needing to as well. Is there any public transportation/what is it like?

Any help would be appreciated!

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