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Rita’s Seaside Grille, 2 Center Street, Folly Beach, SC
Saturday, June 15, 2019, 10am – 1pm

8/29 (Mon) Saluda Shoals (7-10pm)
8/30 (Tue) Jimmy Landry (7-10pm)
8/31 (Wed) Shelly Waters & Ed Smith (7-10pm)
9/1 (Thu) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
9/2 (Fri) Finnegan Bell (7-10pm)
9/3 (Sat) Nathan Salley (10am-1pm)
Jamisun (2-5pm)
Weigh Station (7-10pm)
9/4 (Sun) Soul Fish Duo (10am-1pm)
Green Thieves (2-5pm)
BYOG (7-10pm)

9/5 (Mon) 54 Bicycles Acoustic – Widespread Panic Tribute (2-5pm)
Whit’s End (7-10pm)
9/6 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
9/7 (Wed) Matt Mackelcan (7-10pm)
9/8 (Thu) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
9/9 (Fri) Me & Mr. Jones (7-10pm)
9/10 (Sat) Nathan Salley (10am-1pm)
Kevin Church (2-5pm)
The Rescue Blues (7-10)
9/11 (Sun) Cattle in the Cane (10am-1pm)
Regina Ferguson & John Shields (2-5pm)
Saluda Shoals (7-10pm)

9/12 (Mon) Whit’s End (7-10pm)
9/13 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
9/14 (Wed) Shelly Waters & Ed Smith (7-10pm)
9/15 (Thu) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
9/16 (Fri) Me & Mr. Jones (7-10pm)
9/17 (Sat) Jimmy Landry (10am-1pm)
Rotie Salley (2-5pm)
Forty Mile Detour (7-10pm)
9/18 (Sun) Dallas Baker & Friends (10am-1pm)
Chris Boone (2-5pm)
Champagne with Friends (7-10pm)

9/19 (Mon) Jamisun (7-10pm)
9/20 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
9/21 (Wed) BYOG Acoustic (7-10pm)
9/22 (Thur) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
9/23 (Fri) Me & Mr. Jones (7-10pm)
9/24 (Sat) Jimmy Landry (10am-1pm)
Jamisun (2-5pm)
Pinkerton & The Brinks (7-10pm)
9/25 (Sun) Cattle in the Cane (10am-1pm)
Regina Ferguson & John Shields (2-5pm)
Don’t Mess with the Tiger (7-10pm)

9/26 (Mon) Saluda Shoals (7-10pm)
9/27 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
9/28 (Wed) Shelly Waters & Ed Smith (7-10pm)
9/29 (Thur) Runaway Jim – Bluegrass Tribute to Phish (7-10pm)
9/30 (Fri) Louis D Jazz Project (7-10pm)
10/1 (Sat) Jimmy Landry (10am-1pm)
Ward Buckheister (2-5pm)
Hungry Monks (7-10pm)
10/2 (Sun) Nathan Salley (1am-1pm)
Derek Cribb (2-5pm)
Jamisun (7-10pm)

10/3 (Mon) Matt Mackelcan (7-10pm)
10/4 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
10/5 (Wed) BYOG Acoustic (7-10pm)
10/6 (Thu) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
10/7 (Fri) Weigh Station (7-10pm)
10/8 (Sat) Nathan Salley (10am-1pm)
Derek Cribb (2-5pm)
TBA (7-10pm)

10/9 (Sun) Jack Lennox Johnson (10am-1pm)
Luke Cunningham (2-5pm)
Don’t Mess with the Tiger (7-10pm)

10/10 (Mon) Taylor McCleskey (7-10pm)
10/11 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
10/12 (Wed) Shelly Waters & Ed Smith (7-10pm)
10/13 (Thu) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
10/14 (Fri) Molly O’Durnin (7-10pm)
10/15 (Sat) Chris Boone (10am-1pm)
Ward Buckheister (2-5pm)
Jamisun (7-10pm)
10/16 (Sun) Cattle in the Cane (10am-1pm)
Rotie Salley (2-5pm)
Hungry Monks (7-10pm)

10/17 (Mon) Whit’s End (7-10pm)
10/18 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
10/19 (Wed) BYOG Acoustic (7-10pm)
10/20 (Thur) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
10/21 (Fri) Green Levels (7-10pm)
10/22 (Sat) Matt Mackelcan (10am-1pm)
TBA (2-5pm)
Champagne with Friends (7-10pm)
10/23 (Sun) Dallas Baker & Friends (10am-1pm)
Matt Mackelcan (2-5pm)
Grateful Dawg (7-10pm)

10/24 (Mon) Sally & George (7-10pm)
10/25 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
10/26 (Wed) Ed Smith & Shelly Waters (7-10pm)
10/27 (Thur) 54 Bicycles Acoustic – Widespread Panic Tribute (7-10pm)
10/28 (Fri) Louis D Jazz Project (7-10pm)
10/29 (Sat) Jimmy Landry (10am-1pm)
Jamisun (2-5pm)
Forty Mile Detour (7-10pm)
10/30 (Sun)
54 Bicycles Acoustic – Widespread Panic Tribute (2-5pm)
BYOG Acoustic (7-10pm)

10/31 (Mon) BYOG *Halloween
11/1 (Tue) Midnight City Trio (7-10pm)
11/2 (Wed) Derek Cribb (7-10pm)
11/3 (Thu) Super Reggae Man (7-10pm)
11/4 (Fri) Nathan Salley (7-10pm)
11/5 (Sat) Jimmy Landry (10am-1pm)
Jack Kiser (2-5pm)
Green Levels (7-10pm)
11/6 (Sun)
Hit or Miss (2-5pm)
Green Thieves (6-9pm)

Event Type: Food and Drinks, Music