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Letters to the Editor: Library card opens doors to new worlds

If you were able to read the morning newspaper or news on

your smartphone or iPad, follow the instructions on how to use a new gadget in your kitchen or workshop, fill out a form at a doctor’s office, follow directions on a prescription bottle or write a note to your child’s teacher, then you can celebrate your own literacy skills.

But if you are among many in the tricounty area who struggle with the daily tasks that loom large for the undereducated, the illiterate or non-native English speakers, then life is a huge struggle.

There is hope for this group, however, in the services provided by Trident Literacy Association, which provides tutoring and training for those who want to improve their literacy skills.

The association offers classes for those who need to earn a GED or qualify for job training programs.

The Early Childhood/Family Literacy program teaches skills to parents to increase their child’s school readiness.

English-as-a-Second-Language classes offer non-native speakers opportunities to gain access to more education and job training.

Both volunteers and staffers work as a team to help students become self-sufficient in a literate world and overcome the problems that illiteracy presents on a daily basis.

Trident Literacy welcomes volunteers who want to help solve literacy problems in our region. National Literacy Month is a good time to start.

Just call 843-747-2223 to sign up.


Founder of Trident Literacy Association

Betsy Road


No GOP options

Editorial: No Trump SC primary? Blame SC Legislature for letting parties call shots

Does anyone else feel disenfranchised? I had a wonderful experience in 2016, going around town listening to candidates vying for president on the Republican ticket.

Now I am bereft, no, outraged, no, enraged, that my chances to listen and decide for myself have been wrenched from me.

Doesn’t anyone else feel thwarted, saddened or even maddened by this usurpation of our right to a primary to nominate a candidate of our choice?


Bishop Gadsden Way


Mental health

I agree completely with Amanda Cunningham. It is ludicrous that mental health care, in all its forms, isn’t covered by most health care plans. And when it is, it isn’t covered at the level of physical health.

SC congressman’s wife complains publicly about her taxpayer-supplied health care

Mental health parity is a failing of our health care system and it’s often overlooked.

The response to Ms. Cunningham’s leadership is exactly why this is the case. It isn’t oversharing. It isn’t a dirty topic. Far from it.

We need more real leaders like Ms. Cunningham to use their platforms to call for more mental health and addiction funding.

Until we are all willing to discuss mental health and addiction as we do issues of physical health, we will never end the stigma around these topics. And we will never accomplish a goal that should be near the top of our lists: Normalizing and adequately treating struggles with mental health and addiction.

So thank you, Ms. Cunningham, for pushing the conversation forward. I wish there were others willing to lead like you.


Seven Farms Drive

Daniel Island

School security

I found it interesting that Dorchester County elected not to change school security procedures while both Berkeley and Charleston counties have.

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Berkeley, Charleston school districts implement more safety, security measures this year

To quote the security investigator for Berkeley County, “It only takes one person. It could happen anywhere. To think it could not happen in Berkeley County, Charleston County, anywhere in South Carolina, we’d be lying to ourselves.”

I have to ask, why is Dorchester County not doing anything at this time?

Does Dorchester County have a plan? Is it a matter of money to start something similar to Berkeley and Charleston counties? Have Dorchester leaders asked for donations?

Even though I don’t have a child in the school system, I would definitely donate.

I have no political agenda.

It would break my heart and the hearts of people in all three counties to know that something tragic happened and we all didn’t even try to prevent it.


Shaftesbury Lane


Make boroughs

Why don’t the towns surrounding Charleston become boroughs of the city? They could retain their names and identities while receiving expanded city services.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island are all boroughs of New York City, and are all included in its population. While Manhattan has most of the skyscrapers, its population is third to Brooklyn’s and Queens’.

Much of West Ashley, James Island and Johns Island are effectively already boroughs of Charleston, as is the peninsula.

Mount Pleasant, James Island and North Charleston could join the fold for a much larger city with a unified vision that respects the characteristics, desires and needs of each borough.

Parochialism be darned. We need to do this.


Rivers Point Row