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The Purple Buffalo, 2702 Azalea Dr, North Charleston, SC
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 8 – 11pm


Let the freaks come out on the Eve of Halloween.  The nights around Halloween are a much needed chance to masquerade, and be free of your “normal” inhibitions.

Please share this event. It is a perfect opportunity to step back in time, into the early days of Hip-Hop in NYC, where art and expression were currency in the social spectrum. 

All 4 elements of the early hip-hop culture will be represented.

There WILL be Special Surprise Guest Emcees doing their part as  “Masters of Ceremony” 

There WILL be an Art Exhibit with local artists:
Tim Showers
John Pundt
Gem One
Nicole Morin
and more TBA
plus video projections of early Street Art in NYC

There WILL be a Dance Off featuring local B-BOYS and Hip Hop Dancers

There WILL be exclusive merchandise.

Last but not least, your Musical Tour Guides for the evening will be newcomer MOSAIC, and the O.G. THEMATIK. These DEEJAY’s keep it authentic with vintage vinyl records, original break beats, sampling, and beat juggling that carry us through the decades. 

Come early to experience the ultimate breaks and beats that were spun in the park jams of the 70s.  Feel the vibe the birthed the hip-hop movement.  Then we’ll hear the early raps and routines of the pioneers.  As the night gets later the vibe matures, and the next generation of party rockers take us into the night, and we continue to enjoy the sounds of True School Hip-Hop music.

This event will be at the eclectic art space “where king street ends”

The Purple Buffalo
2702 Azalea Dr, North Charleston, SC 29405

The event will run from 8-2pm, and will cost $5 at the door.

Free access will be granted for those who’s outfit passes the test..”

Event Type: Arts and Culture, Dancing, Food and Drinks, Music