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St. John’s Chapel, 18 Hanover St., Charleston, SC
Thursday, December 12, 2019, 9:30 – 11am

“We recognize that development changes our communities and landscapes forever and that the rapid development of Charleston County and City has greatly affected the Quality of Life for residents of the Lowcountry. Municipalities, communities, and builders are leading the way to preserve resources, land, and culture through the development boom.

Join us on Thursday, December 12, 9:30-11am for a paramount conversation about how each aspect of development can work together to better preserve our land, culture and resources. This conversation will open doors for greater possibilities and collaborations.

Our municipalities are growing rapidly and we all have important contributions to create a better future as we build and grow together.

Please invite those who you think can benefit from this conversation and are interested in making a difference.

Panelists (still finalizing the list):

Halo Quaponda, Chief of the Quaponda Tribe and Chief Executive Director of Circa 11:11 on Cultural Preservation

Willis Quaponda Tant, Plan Administrator of Circa 11:11, developing community assets through the preservation of land, culture and resource development

Kate Nevin, Founder of Enough Pie

Lindsay Nevin, President of Flyway Developers

Merideth Garrigan, Founder of WeCology

GM Whitley, Councilwoman for the Town of Mount Pleasant


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Event Type: Lecture/Discussion, Meeting